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Authenticate a Cartier Watch Using These Three Steps

Details on an Authentic Cartier Watch

Authenticating a Cartier watch is an important aspect of owning such a magnificent timepiece, especially if you are considering selling it.

In order to authenticate a watch, you must pay close attention to detail. Some of the most important details will only be seen through a magnifying glass. Only a trained professional should be trusted, but there are three steps you can perform to check the authenticity of a Cartier watch.

Three Steps to Authenticating a Cartier Watch

1. The front and the dial: If there are any kind of mishaps in this area, such as: the engraving, the coloring, or the screws that hold the watch together, then you do not have a genuine Cartier.

2. The back: on an authentic Cartier watch, you will find the Cartier engraved, and below that the words: Water Resistant, Swiss Made, and OR 750/Acier. There are three sets of words, written right under each other in a perfect print and engraving. If you find that the words engraved on the back of the watch are not straight, meaning you could not draw a straight line under them, or there is anything other than this exact print on the back, then this watch is not genuine.

3. The movement: You must open the watch to locate the movement. The inside of the watch is very difficult to counterfeit. The movement inside of an authentic watch fits perfectly, and you will find the wires nicely coded, to keep them from eroding. Also, the engraving is perfect.

Beware of Fake Cartier Watches

When authenticating a Cartier watch, beware of anything that looks out of the ordinary. Cartier is a brand that is well-known for a flawless timepiece, and if there is any flaw, chances are the watch is not a genuine Cartier.

If you are considering selling your Cartier watch, please contact us for more information and we can assist you with the entire process.

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