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How To Authenticate a Preowned Breitling Watch

The Breitling Navitimer

Watch connoisseurs have been in love with Breitling watches since the 1800s and with good reason.

Breitling's ever-expanding collection of Swiss manufactured, technical watches features chronometer-certified movements that are simply beyond approach and that's not all. Their beautiful, durable, high-performing luxury timepieces make unforgettable impressions from the moment people lay eyes on them.

Preowned Breitling Watch Buyer Beware

That said, preowned Breitling watches in pristine condition tend to hold their value like no other. Unfortunately, unscrupulous sales people know that too. As such, it is of the utmost importance to authenticate preowned Breitling watches before making a final purchase. Thankfully, separating the real Breitling watches from the rip offs is something even first-time luxury timepiece buyers can do with a bit of sage advice.

Rely on Weight and Sound

When presented with a preowned Breitling watch that's for sale, buyers should immediately put their senses to work. Pick up the watch, taking note of its weight, and listen. The watch should feel heavy. Quartz chronometers generally emit a ticking sound as the hands move whereas mechanical chronographs do not. They characteristically sweep silently across the watch face instead. So, make sure that the sounds coming from the watch are consistent with its advertised construction.

Look for the Obvious

Next, grab a magnifying glass and look over every inch of the preowned Breitling watch and strap. Check for obvious signs of a fake, like spelling errors, stamped embellishments, mismatched center pins, shoddy workmanship, faux tourbillions and inferior parts. If all of that checks out, it's time to get serious.

Dig in and Get Serious

We'd suggest looking for the following tell-tale signs that a preowned Breitling watch is exactly what it appears to be:

  • Branding Marks and Manufacturing Date Positioned on the Bracelet
  • Length, Width and Material Marking on the Straps
  • Properly Spaced Sub-dials Situated Below the 9 and 3 Markers
  • Seamless Inner Bezels
  • Overly Large Date Windows
  • Crystals Reflect Blue-Purple Light

To learn more about authenticating Breitling watches and find one that suits your discriminating tastes, please contact us at Preowned Watch Buyers.

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