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Skip the Auction House When Selling Your Rolex

Make the Most Money by Selling Your Rolex Directly

There are two main reasons to avoid the decision to sell your Rolex through an auction house: Time and Money.


Auction houses know how to sell and they know who is buying. There's no arguing that. However, the way they do things takes time, leaving you, the seller, at their mercy. If you have any desire for a speedy process in the sale of your Rolex, you're better off selling direct. When selling your Rolex by auction, you may be in for a lengthy process.

Consulting, shipping, appraising and cataloging takes time. After all that, some houses still don't sell your watch right away. Instead, they wait until they can find the right items to group with your Rolex and the right client base. Then, when your watch sells, you may have to wait another 30-45 days before the house issues your payment. By selling directly to Preowned Watch Buyers, the process moves much faster and smoother. There is no middleman, no overly long waiting periods for your payment, and no lengthy client profiling.


When selling your Rolex, you deserve the best price possible. If you sell using an auction house, your timepiece may go for a nice price... for the buyer. However, it's likely that in the end you will walk away with much less than what the watch is worth. Ultimately, you could take away barely over half of the selling price.

Everywhere you turn, auction houses have yet another fee. There is the seller's commission, of course, but also shipping charges, the appraisal fee, insurance fee, photography, and the buyer's fee. The buyer's fee, despite its name, is actually paid by the seller in the way that the buyer figures the fee into the ultimate sale price. Depending on the auction house, any or all of these things may be applied, whittling down the amount you get for your Rolex.

Selling your watch directly to Preowned Watch Buyers is extremely less complicated than going through the auction process. It is less time consuming, and more profitable. It just makes sense.

For more information about auction houses versus direct selling of your preowned watch, or to inquire about selling your Rolex, please contact us.

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