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How Do I Sell My Preowned Watch (And Get The Best Price)?

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If you own a luxury watch that you know is valuable, you might be curious to see what it's worth.

In the past, this meant going down to the local pawn shop and taking what you could get, but these days there are significantly more options available to you. If, that is, you know where to look.

Step One: Check With Physical Dealers

The first step you should take when selling a preowned watch is to check with local dealers to get a line on what kind of price you can expect. Pawn shops are a start, but you should also check with jewelers, and if the watch is old enough you should contact antique dealers as well. Listen to what the dealers tell you when evaluating your watch, and if possible make sure you ask if the offer the dealer makes is good for that day only or if you can come back later and get that amount.

Step Two: Poke Around Online

With the explosion of online commerce there are all sorts of options for selling a preowned watch. If you have an expensive brand name watch you could contact the manufacturer and see if they have a buy back program. You could find a website that deals in accessories and jewelry (like we do), and see what they'll give you. You could also put your watch on an auction site like Ebay and see what sort of price you can get for it.

Step Three: Make Your Decision

Once you have an idea of what you can get for your preowned watch you need to make the decision of where to sell it. If you want your money in hand today then you're going to have to sell the watch in person. Online buyers might offer more money though, but they can take a little more time because the watch has to be mailed in, and then the payment has to be sent out. If you want to put your watch on the auction block then you're going to have to wait to see if anyone bites. If no one does it's possible you won't even be able to see your watch, no matter how luxury it is.

For more information on selling a preowned watch simply contact us to talk to some of our knowledgeable, professional experts.

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