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Build a Wardrobe of Luxury Watches for Less by Selling Us Your Pre-Owned Watches

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Why settle for a single watch when you can build a wardrobe of luxury watches by selling your pre-owned watches to us?

You may have seen an article in GQ this fall proclaiming watch wardrobes as a recent fashion trend. We have been a fan of this kind of smart shopping for years, but we are glad to see it getting more attention.

Instead of treating a watch like a once in a lifetime purchase, you can enjoy shopping for a new watch anytime so you have the right accessory for any occasion or mood.

Watch styles evolve, and we tend to have different preferences at different stages in our lives. It makes sense to own more than one watch.

Consider the resale value of your watches: If you decide you are going to be buying new or pre-owned watches on a regular basis, think about their resale value. Look for brands that you will be able to sell and trade for a good price like Rolex, Cartier, Omega, and Patek Philippe.

Increase your Enjoyment: A watch wardrobe also allows you to enjoy each of your luxury timepieces more because you are rotating them. When you pull out a watch that you put away for a few months, it will feel like a new discovery all over again. It's like giving yourself a present.

Enjoy Your Investments: While you are indulging your love for watches, you do not have to feel extravagant. Your watches are a good investment that also bring you pleasure every time you wear them.

Contact us if you are curious about selling your pre-owned watch. We are a brick and mortar jeweler with more than 100 years of expertise so we make selling a watch online easy and secure.

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