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No Box No Papers? Is It Really a Big Deal?

A Watch in the Original Box

One of the most frequently asked questions when buying a preowned watch is "Does it come with box and papers?" Box and papers are believed to be a crucial part of the preowned buying process. I have my own opinion on this subject. I buy and sell with or without box and papers. Yes, to some extent it makes a sale easier but the truth is when you are a brick and mortar store with an experienced staff and master watch makers then the out dated papers and torn up box doesn't mean too much. I feel private buyers who buy from private sellers is never a good idea with or with out box and papers but if you are making a private transaction then yes it make a lot of sense to have a complete set.

First off it proves the authenticity of the watch. Original paper work would have the watches serial number listed and it should match up to the watch. Especially if you don't have the tools to open the watch to authenticate the movement then serial numbers are a great way to help. However, the feeling of lost value to a watch because its missing original box or papers it totally ridiculous. It is very common to see the same exact watch with box and papers sometimes hundreds of dollars more.

Buyers beware! I think this is an important factor when buying from a private person but when you are buying from an established jewelry store or watch store you should not be charged more or less. You should also not expect to get box or papers when buying a preowned watch. There are plenty of reasons people don't keep their box and papers. Could be a move,maybe they lost them, or never thought it was important to keep. We at www.Preownedwatchbuyers.com won't beat you up on your offer when buying our watch with out box and papers so get your instant quote now.

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